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innspark is an innovative startup that aims to change the way hotels communicate with their guests and learn about them

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A powerful tool for hotels

Innspark is a data-driven turnkey solution for hotels who wants to achieve more. Our philosophy of product is creating a solution that engage more guests into more profitable interactions with the hotel, while providing a better personal experience for each guest.


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What's inside?

Powerful Insights

Collect, analyze and explore relevant data about your guests and use smart insights to better answer their needs.

Digital Wallet

Collect payments for services with a unique "at-hotel" digital wallet. Reduce your credit risk and avoid future accounting headaches.

Live Feed

Inform your guests with the latest news and activities around them, using your own live feed.

Hotel Services

Provide your guests an informative & easy access to all of your hotel services using their origin language.

Personal upsell

Target the right guest, with the right offer at the right time with personal offers based on his behavioral pattern and his preferences.

Become a smart hotel

Create a smart new revenue stream using service's inventory optimization. Learn and track trends, conduct upsell's A/B testing and much more.


Real-time notifications system helping you to better interact with your guests. Automated attractive offfer, personal updates, check-in/check out, billing reports and more.

Engage your guests

Give your guests a different hospitality experience, provide them with your own on-demand services app for their staying. They will love it!

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